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Empowering healthcare and life sciences entrepreneurs at Northeastern University

Evolve – Student-led Healthcare Fund and Accelerator

Evolve is a student-led organization that empowers early-stage healthcare and life sciences ventures in Northeastern’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. We raise capital to fund Northeastern healthcare and life sciences ventures in a form of investment. A total of 3 to 4 ventures will enroll in our annual fund program where undergraduate student analysts will conduct due diligence and analysis on the enrolled ventures. The program culminates in a presentation day where ventures showcase themselves and the investment decision is made by the entire Evolve Team and our investment committee which consists of mentors and industry experts.

This is a special opportunity for donors to directly foster and promote innovation in the healthcare and life sciences space by contributing to the empowerment of Northeastern ventures. Through generous donations, Northeastern entrepreneurs will be able to get one step closer to achieving their dreams, become deeply immersed in Northeastern’s global entrepreneurial ecosystem, and create a wide-scale impact in the healthcare and life sciences industry.

The impact of donations goes far beyond supporting Northeastern entrepreneurs and the school establishing a global presence in the healthcare and life sciences domain. Donors will be able to see patients in real life benefiting from the innovative technologies developed by Evolve-funded ventures.

All in all, Evolve has tremendous value that will benefit the all-encompassing Northeastern community and its global affiliates. Donors have the ability to maximize Evolve’s potential and realize its long-term vision of making a difference in the lives of patients through Northeastern’s most innovative minds.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!